12th Annual Fish Fry Membership Meeting

On May 22, 2014, we held our 12th Annual Fish Fry Membership Meeting. This year it was held at Webco Mining, Inc.’s shop. The location had to be moved from it’s normal location due to the events of the April 27th tornado. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those effected.

We had perfect “fish fry weather”. Thank you to D & L Catering for the fantastic food, it was wonderful as usual. The fellowship was great as well. It is at this meeting that the members really get the chance to meet each other as well as our current ACI Officers & Board Members.IMG_0993_edited-1

After most everyone had eaten, we celebrated two birthdays, our President Greg Campbell & our Secretary/Treasurer Linda Weaver. Thank you Natalie Madison for the cake it was delicious. Once he ate his piece of birthday cake, Greg Campbell began to draw names for door prizes. Thank you to everyone who brought an item(s) to give as a prize. We know the winners thank you as well, especially Michael Young with SCCPA who was really hoping to get the garden hose that he eventually received.

Every year, our fish fry is one of our largest, most enjoyable events. We always look forward to it. Thank you to everyone who came. We hope you’ll come back next year & bring someone new!

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