Summer Update

2The University of Arkansas Student Chapter of the American Concrete Institute recently participated in a workshop to give 8th grade girls from Northwest Arkansas a hands on experience with concrete. The girls were participating in a week long engineering camp at the University during which they participated in various hands-on projects within each of the engineering departments. Under the guidance of Civil Engineering Department Head Kevin Hall, the girls made concrete frisbees & then competed to see who could throw their frisbee farthest without the frisbee breaking.

4The student chapter volunteered to help the girls construct the frisbees along with answering questions about concrete. While at the laboratory the girls were also told about the various projects that Civil Engineering students are able to participate in such as the Concrete Canoe, concrete bowling ball, & pervious concrete competitions.

The girls also learned about the cement, sand, rock & water that make up a concrete mix. Student chapter president Matthew Watters was on hand to help the girls & answer questions about making concrete. “It’s nice to be able to participate in programs that show younger students that concrete can be fun,” stated Watters.

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